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Best Anti Aging Supplements for Men

The right supplement for you can give a real boost to many areas of your life. It can enhance your energy on a daily basis, allow your body to function more efficiently and prevent disease. Everybody reacts differently to different supplements and so it may take a while to find the right supplements for you. An increase in energy and a general feeling of well-being is usually a good indicator that the supplement is having the desired effect.

In the last few years, there has been renewed interest in supplements that having anti aging qualities for men. Difficult to isolate and hard to measure over a long period, this area still has a lot of uncertainty and debate occurring!

However, here is a list of a few of the products that have emerged in the last few years for their elusive anti-aging properties:


anti aging properties of coq10 supplementThe first is Coenzyme, or CoQ10 as it is now known, which is the necessary nutrient for basic cell function. Without getting too weighed down by the science, CoQ10 enters the mitochondria of cells and assists the production of energy from fats and sugars. As we grow older, our bodies produce less CoQ10 and so a boost helps to restore youthful levels and help the anti-aging process.

Some other studies of CoQ10 indicate that there is some correlation between the supplement and a decrease in mental decline. Further, it may also operate as a protective anti-oxidant. No wonder this supplement has become so popular in recent times!

The recommended dose is from between 30-200mg per day and you can buy a pack of 120 for around $30. As far as highly sophisticated supplements go, this price is relatively good.


preserve your youth resveratrol for menThere have been many articles in recent years that have drawn attention to the fact that people like the French, who enjoy a high fat diet of cheese, bread, duck, potatoes and even  foie gras – manage to stay fit and healthy. The answer, we think, could be partly down to resveratrol – also known as the red wine chemical.

Does this mean unprecedented red wine drinking? Sadly, it’s probably not the best long term strategy! Experts believe that anywhere from 100mg -1g is a recommended daily dose. It is possible the figure could be much lower than that though as a standard glass of red wine has about 2mg of resveratrol in each glass.

The early testing done on worms, fruit flies and fish, has shown an increase in life span. Mice have also lived longer with resveratol in their diets compared to a normal or high-calorie diet.

This revelation has been a popular one for many reasons and has caused much publicity. Sadly, because of this, there are several poor quality products. With reservatrol especially, buy from a company you trust and do some preliminary research.

Green Tea Extract

green tea and anti aging solutionsA supplement that I personally like a lot is Green Tea extract. Used in Asia for centuries within tea, this substance has an incredible number of beneficial properties. One of the biggest of these is the positive effect it has on your skin. Some of the active ingredients in green tea, the ‘polyphenols’, are likely to slow down the signs of aging.

The supplement version of the green tea extract is recommended because to attain the same level of tea through normal drinking you would need to get through around 60 cups a day.


creatine preserves youth in menLast, but not least, the last anti-aging recommendation for men is the well known creatine. It’s found fame in the fitness and muscle building world of young men but it may have wider appeal than just for young men. It is still effective for men in their middle to late age. Like with younger men, creatine can be effective in adding lean muscle and increasing strength. There is even some evidence to suggest that it boosts long term memory and increase life span. As it is now such a common product, most brands bought off the shelf will work just fine.

Are there other supplements I can just get in my diet?

This is a popular question and some things are definitely better eaten fresh than in tablet form. The two main examples of this are blueberries and fish. You can get the optimal amount of both of these foods in a healthy diet so it is probably better to save your money on the pricy supplements for these items.

As was mentioned at the start of this article, each person has different needs and it is up to you to find out what your body requires to give it an anti-aging boost. The old truism ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ remains true even as scientific research progresses and any supplement you take should be orientated towards enhancing either the body or mind. Or, for that matter, a combination of them both.