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Do HGH Releasers Work?

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Using HGH for weight loss, muscle building, and anti aging.

HGH or Health Growth Hormones have been clinically proven to have some considerable health benefits. They can give you more energy and endurance in sport and in general life. They can decrease your body fat, increase muscle tone and boost your sex drive. More HGH can even improve mental performance and aid memory. In principle, there are a plethora of beneficial uses for a supplement that boosts HGH production.

The science is there. We know that a boost in the normal hormone production of the pituitary gland is necessary for most adults over 30. The main question, however, is whether there are any worthwhile products on the market? Added to that, what are the quantities of HGH necessary to make a difference? For how long is it recommended to take the supplement? Is there a downside to taking the drug? Is it cost effective?

how hgh releaser worksAs you can see, there are plenty of issues to run through in this article. Like with many things that have such an array of potential upsides, there is much misinformation on the internet and scam companies trying to make a quick buck.

The best form of HGH Releasers (or sometimes called precursors), is something that naturally stimulates hormones in the gland, located in the brain. Once stimulated, the gland then secretes the hormone itself. This form of natural hormone production is much more healthy for the human body. Injected HGH is the opposite of this – an unnatural boost in HGH which can sometimes be dangerous and is often harder to regulate.

HGH Releasers: What to avoid

There are definitely some very poor quality HGH releasers currently sold on the market. Poor might even be a generous assessment. Here are some of the things to avoid:

I would avoid any oral spray. There is absolutely no scientific research that suggests that these sprays work. The main contention with the spray is that there is no evidence to suggest that growth hormones can pass through the membranes in the mouth. This might change in the future but for now, stay clear.

Unlike oral spray, injectable products can be very dangerous for users. For an inexperienced user, injecting anything into your veins is pregnant with danger and can lead to all sorts of problems. Previously, injections were the only way to get growth hormones. Now, we have tablets which are more expensive but as effective. Pay the extra and be safe.

I would also advise avoiding anything that is branded as a homeopathic hormone releaser. At the moment, HGH is a prescribed drug in many countries and so any over the counter natural HGH supplements can be safely assumed to be some inaccurate branding.

What to look for in HGH Releasers

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A product that is highly recommended is ‘Growth Factor 9’ by Novex Biotechs. Available online for around $75 a box (120 capsules), this product is not cheap. If you are dipping into this area of supplements, you must be prepared for the financial investment that comes with it. The recommended daily dose is 1-2 tablets so it will probably last you for 2-4 months. This area of supplements is still very new and so it will take a few years before other competition arises and prices fall (not long ago, it was $100-$150 a box). I can’t recommend highly enough to pay for quality for any HGH releasers you are thinking of buying.

Another recommended product is GenF20Plus – a product more suited to an audience looking for anti-aging. This is one of the few HGH products with a sizeable scientific study behind it and has many positive reviews. Unlike the above product, with hgh treatment for menGenF20Plus you take 4 tablets per day. A 6 month supply costs $400. Again, expensive, but if you are going to invest in HGH then go for the best or probably don’t bother.

You may have noticed that the what to avoid list is longer than the what to buy list! This is indicative of the industry as it stands at the moment. High quality HGH releasers that really provide a number of benefits are available but they are outnumbered by the many cheap and inferior versions. This will change in time, but for the moment, buy with caution!

As with any supplement that we take, the results are not immediate. It will take time for your body to become accustomed to the supplement. It could take as long as 12 weeks for you to notice the long lasting effects.  At present, there is no reliable data on how long it is advisable to take HDH but a three month time frame appears to be fine.

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What are the concerns about HGH Releasers?

There is certainly some controversy with these types of drugs. Are we meddling with human nature here? It is, of course, natural to have a decrease in hormone production as you grow older. But does this mean that we shouldn’t boost our bodies if we have the science available? As the world becomes increasingly scientifically knowledgeable, the use of supplements to assist physical and mental performance appears inevitable.

There is definitely some fear around HGH. Where does it come from? It largely derives from an uncertainty about the effects that HGH can have. At the moment, we still don’t fully understand the short and long term consequences of using HGH. However, as confidence grows, it is becoming increasingly prevalent in the health industry. Creatine was regarded in a similarly suspicious way when it was launched on the market a few years ago but now it has become one of the more common supplements.

HGH releasers have a great amount of potential as a product. It is possible though that the best product is still to come. However, if you do want to try an HGH supplement then here are a few concluding tips to help. Firstly, avoid products that look suspiciously cheap. Avoid injections and oral sprays. Research the product before you buy it; it is worth paying the money for a recognised company with a trustworthy product!